The Blockchain is Coming to Banking

Prague, NH Hotel Prague
David Gyori

Course Description:
This intensive 2 day training program prepares participants for the ongoing paradigmatic change in banking: The rise of the Blockchain technology. On the first day we examine the concept of Blockchain and explore the most important international banking projects related to this new phenomenon. Through understanding the bigger picture - FinTech revolution, the rise of ICT in banking - we address security concerns. On the second day we begin by a detailed analysis of privacy issues related to the distributed ledger. We continue by looking at cross-industry use-cases and arrive to the key question: how to make Blockchain useful in your bank? We answer this key question from several aspects: Timing, Lobbying, Clientele, Tactics, Strategies and more.

What is the goal of this training?
The goal of the training is to make sure that your bank understands Bockchain and can act with the right confidence and market-timing. It is very important to avoid shiny, popular, but meaningless buzzes - there are many related to Blockchain - yet, it is beneficial to see how - gradually - this technology will really shift the paradigms of databases, clearing, ledgers and beyond.

Who should attend?
This training consists of classroom based teaching combined with interactive group exercises, as well as the introduction of specific case studies.

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