Project Finance Modelling Workshop

May 20 - 21, 2019
EUR 1,400
Prague, NH Hotel Prague
Alastair Day

Workshop Objectives
The purpose of the workshop is for participants to learn how to build a project finance model using best practice principles. This will include the development of financial statements and the mastering of the main Excel techniques (such as forecasting, risk issues, differing scenarios and optimisation). They will learn how to deal with more problematic modelling issues and gain hands-on experience of applying these skills. By building a complete model, participants will gain the confidence to build and revise their own models.

Key Points
Many models fail due to inadequate structures and methodology and this workshop offers the opportunity to build a comprehensive financial model using international best-practice principles. The workshop commences with a discussion of objectives and common mistakes and then develops the case model in stages. On completion, participants will have built a complete model for future use and review.

Who should attend? Methodology
The workshop is taught using demonstrations combined with practical and interactive case studies. The exercises in each session reinforce the concepts covered in each of the units. Emphasis is placed on delegates gaining practical, hands-on experience of the design and construction of financial models in Excel. Comprehensive product notes and modelling software are provided for future reference.

Participants will receive printouts of all slides and the Excel spreadsheets used during the workshop plus a selection of templates and add-ins.

The workshop will be highly practical and hands-on. Participants are required to bring a notebook with MS Excel. Course files will be distributed during and after the workshop.

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