Risk-Based Investment Strategies: Smart Beta, Robust Risk Parity and Risk Budgeting

Prague, NH Hotel Prague
Andreas Steiner

This course offers a detailed discussion of risk-based investment strategies, covering portfolio construction principles, success factors and conceptual issues and recent industry trends like Smart Beta and Risk Parity.
Delegates will also gain a deeper understanding for the traditional investment risk concepts used in investment management and extensions introduced in recent years, many of them being reactions to specific issues experienced by investors and investment managers in the Financial Crisis. The course does provide enough details in order to gain a technical understanding, but the focus is clearly on concepts available in the modeling of investment risk. The concepts presented were selected with regard to application and implementation in real-world investment processes. We believe that investment risk modeling, measurement and management are not art for art's sake, but tools for investors and investment management professionals.

Attend this intensive 2-day training and learn to:
Who should attend?
The course is not only for specialists but for a wider audience including investment managers, asset management executives of all levels, institutional investors and research analysts. This course has been designed for the benefit of: Methodology
The training consists of classroom-based teaching combined with selected group exercises and spreadsheet-based example calculations.

Delegates will receive printouts of all slides and electronic access to Excel spreadsheets used during the course, plus an Excel add-in to perform more complex computations for one year.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own notebook to maximize the interaction, practical examples and benefit from this workshop.

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