The Basel Consolidated Framework

June 29 - July 1, 2020
EUR 1,755
Prague, NH Hotel Prague
Gary Dunn

The BCBS (Basel Committee of Banking Supervisors) establishes and promotes global standards for the regulation and supervision of banks. Since 1974 the BCBS has published dozens of documents setting out standards, minimum capital requirements, principles and guidance on best practice which are now embedded in bank regulatory regimes around the world. Perhaps most notable of these documents are the minimum capital requirements for banks which have evolved through Basel I , Basel II and the recently completed Basel III, published in 2017.

In April 2019 BCBS launched a new section on the BIS web site which provided a very useful consolidation of current standards together with a timeline that allows enquirers to view future scheduled regulations.

This course provides a high-level overview of the consolidated framework, making use of the BCBS web site to dive deeper into some of the standards as required by participants. The course will also look at progress in implementing current standards in different jurisdictions across the world with particular focus on European implementation.

The course has three main objectives:
Who should attend?

Analysts, Vice Presidents, Directors, Senior Managers in:

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